Zero-Search-Time Computer Documentation (Stone Serif)
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Welcome to the Future of
Technical Documentation!
Example: suppose a user’s manager asks the user to check the format of a field in a data base system for a certain parameter. The user has never used the system before. He or she brings up the online index, reads the simple rule for finding things, goes to “data base” in the index, and among the tasks finds “View specifications of a field”, clicks on that task and gets the instructions.

And remember that, unlike present-day documentation, ZST gives the user more than a fighting chance of finding what he or she wants in less than 25 seconds at least 80% of the time.

Whose product do you think the user will want to buy, all other things being equal (or even not equal): one with present-day documentation, or one that will save him or her countless hours of struggle and frustration over the use of the product?


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